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Minutes 27th June 2007


Minutes of the Meeting of Castlemorton Parish Council held on Tuesday 26th June 2007 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 7.30 p.m.

Joan Bedford, Beverley Bradshaw Jerry Fryman, Angus Golightly (Chairman), Mary Watts
In Attendance:
Members of the Public:

2007/50. Apologies
Apologies were received from County Councillor Tom Wells and District Councillor David Watkins who were attending a meeting at MHDC and Councillor Bowen.

2007/51. Declarations of interest
There were no declarations of interest.

2007/52. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the meeting of 16th May 2007 circulated before the meeting were a true record of that meeting and be signed as such by the Chairman.

2007/53. Matters arising
Missing Post Boxes – the process of obtaining permission from the various utility companies to site new post boxes is ongoing. The Clerk is in regular contact with the Royal Mail and will continue to chase progress.
At the recent 4C’s meeting where it was agreed that Castlemorton Parish Council would be represented by only two voting members rather than three as agreed at the Parish Council meeting of 16th May 2007.

2007/54. Co-option of New Members to the Council
Mr. Gerald Downs and Mr. Lionel Bartlett had both applied to becoming members of the Parish Council. Their application forms had been circulated to all members of the Council with the Agenda. As there were only two candidates for three vacancies there was no need for a ballot and both Mr. Downs and Mr. Bartlett were duly co-opted onto the Council.

2007/55. Finance Report
a) Payments
It was RESOLVED that the following payments be made:
£144.37 S. Normington – Wages
b) Current Financial Situation
The RFO reported that since the last meeting there had been very few financial transactions. Income received for the period was £23.67, being interest on the deposit account. Monies available are:
Current Account £3,249.12
Deposit Account £8,145.00
c) Annual Return.
The RFO advised that the Annual Return had been completed and returned to Clement Keys for the deadline date of 18th June 2007.
d) VAT Return
The VAT return has been completed and submitted.

2007/56. Communications
This is a topic that has been highlighted for continuous improvement. It was felt that even though the Parish Magazine has fairly good coverage a Newsletter should be produced either once or twice a year that is sent to every household in the Parish. The first newsletter
Is planned for September/October and will be accompanied by a Questionnaire. The Clerk will create a database and will consult with MHDC with regard to data protection issues.
Subjects to be covered by the first newsletter were discussed and suggestions included:
- Changes already made to the Parish Hall
- Future Improvements plans for the Parish Hall
- Explanation regarding the Precept
In addition notices will continue to be posted on the Parish Hall notice board and the notice board at Hollybush. The weekly newsletter produced by the School will also be used when applicable.

2007/57. Report from Parish Hall Trust
Councillor Watts has been voted the new Chairman of the Parish Hall Trust. She reported that discussions regarding the increased usage and improvements to the Hall had taken place. Considerable investment will be needed to replace the old porch and to relocate the toilets to enable disabled access (in order to meet leglislation). Unfortunately, funds from the lottery may be hard to obtain at present because of the 2012 London Olympics. However, Councillor Golightly has had discussions with David Cropp, the Chairman of CALC and Martley Parish Council, who is willing to provide advice as to what grants may be available for this type of work. If matched funding is required some fund raising events will need to be organised.
The car parking situation was also discussed and it was agreed that improvements in this area should be a long term aim.

2007/58. Village School Liaison
Councillor Golightly has had discussions with the Headmistress of the School, Janet Adset, and has provided detailed maps of the footpaths in the vicinity of the school as part of their work on the local environment.
The use of the school bus on its return journey to Worcester as transport for shoppers is still being pursued and this subject will be included on the questionnaire to be sent out with the first Parish Council newsletter.
Councillor Watts raised the problem of parking at the school, with the lane becoming very congested during the start and finish times at the school. Councillor Golightly will discuss this issue with County Councillor Tom Wells, however, it was felt that if the school acknowledged that there was a problem that the Parish Council and the School working together would carry more weight.

2007/59. Report on 4C’s Meeeting
Notes attached.

2007/60. Malvern Hills Conservators
Castlemorton Parish has historically had one place on the Conservators Board, which is currently held by Mr. J. Plant. This comes up for re-nomination in September. It was RESOLVED that as Mr. Plant is willing to serve again the Clerk will confirm this in writing to the Committee Officer are Worcestershire County Council.

2007/61. Report on Annual Meeting of Worcestershire CALC
Councillor Golightly attended the meeting and reported that the majority of the meeting was allocating people to various committees. However, he did make contact with Mr. D. Cropp, Chairman of CALC, with regard to assistance in gaining Grants for the improvements to the Parish Hall.

2007/62. Big Chill
Castlemorton Parish once again has been offered a limited number of complimentary attendance places at the Big Chill for Sunday 5th August. A notice announcing this has been posted on the Notice Boards and placed in the Parish Magazine. The closing date for applications is noon Friday 27th July. Members of the Parish Council will then meet at 7.00 pm on the 27th to process the applications. If there is over-subscription a ballot will be held. Sucessful applicants will then be sent a letter and will need to take this along with proof of identity (with photograph) to the Family Camping gate to gain access. The Parish Council will be supplying the Big Chill organisers with a list of those who have been successful. It was RESOLVED that this process be put in place.

2007/63. Planning

a) The following report of planning applications received or decided since last meeting was noted.

Number Description Address Status

07/00454/FUL Side and rear two storey Sherwood Cottage Refusal
extension Eight Oaks, received

07/00485/LBC New internal doorway into Dees Cottage Permission
Garden Room and provision of Castlemorton granted
French doors (retrospective)

07/00467/LBC Replacement of rotten windows Humble Bee Hall Permission
and doors, gypsium plaster and Hollybush, Ledbury granted
plasterboard with lime render and
plaster to lounge

07/00525/FUL Addition of single storey The Old Post Permission
extension Office, Castlemorton granted

07/00430/FUL Replacement of garage, stable Hoo Cottage Refusal
& shed with an oak framed building Castlemorton received

07/00523/FUL Provision of ancillary building Berrow Downs Permission
to house heating plant Castlemorton granted


07/00612/FUL Conversion of garage to play Bessoni Farm Permission
room and new garage/store Castlemorton granted

07/00600/FUL Single storey rear extension Webbing Cottage PC approval

07/00900/FUL Alternation and extension of Valentine Cottage PC approval
existing cottage Hollybush

07/00908/FUL Replace existing flat roof with Feathers Pitch PC approval
pitched roof on existing Cottage
extension Castlemorton

2007/64. CALC Training
The Clerk advised on the current training available through CALC. It was RESOLVED that at present the Council did not see the need to attend any of the courses available and that they felt they were expensive. However, it was agreed that training on very complex issues such as the new Code of Conduct should be considered when available.

2007/65. Correspondence
A comprehensive list of the Correspondence received was circulated prior to the meeting and hardcopies were available for Councillors to review if necessary. The e-mail from Mr. N. Potter, Rural Housing Enabler from Community First was discussed. It was RESOLVED that at present the Council does not wish to discuss Affordable Housing within Castlemorton. They are keen to learn by the experiences of Birtsmorton Parish Council who are currently looking at the creation of additional Affordable Housing in Rye Street. The Clerk will respond in this manner to Mr. Potter.

2007/66. Any Other Business/Items for the next Meeting:
· Items for the next meeting – Parish Hall Trust - Grants

2007/67. Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the next Parish Council Meeting should be held at 7.30 pm on
Thursday 6th September 2007 in the Parish Hall.
There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.40 pm.