Wednesday, 28 November 2007



LIONEL BARTLETT. A native of Kinson Dorset, educated at Bournemouth Grammar School. Recruited initially into RRDE in 1950, my period of National Service (52-54) took me to Arborfield and Manorbier. Marrying Dorothy in 1960, nearly buying a house in Hollybed Street, but subsequently building in Malvern, and raising a family, cemented my attachment to this area which had formed in 1950. Once retired, the earlier dream of living in Castlemorton became a reality 14 years ago with the purchase of Old Orchard. The major works on the house now complete I have time to participate in all things local.

JOAN BEDFORD. We arrived in Castlemorton from Herefordshire in 1969 with two young sons who both attended the local school, followed by their brother, born in 1971. I was on the" Friends of Castlemorton School" for many years, Treasurer to Upton Floral Art Club as well as keeping my Husbands accounts. Elected to the PC in May 2000, taking on the task of Booking Clerk for the Parish Hall, a job I have enjoyed. I represent the PC on The Charities Committees. I have seen many changes over the years especially at the school with pupil numbers increasing enormously. Member of the Parish Hall Trust.

BILL BOWEN. Vice Chairman. I come from farming stock in North Devon and have been living in Castlemorton for the last ten years. I have known the area since I was a child, having relatives in Ledbury. I am married to Nicky, with two young daughters and loads of animals. You'll recognise me by my long hair and rather large girth !

BEVERLEY BRADSHAW. I am a solicitor specializing in public funded work. I live with my partner Stuart a local farmer. I have three grown up children. Interested in politics and especially my locality.

GERALD DOWNS. Although I had the privilege of being co-opted on to the Castlemorton PC only in May I have previously been a Parish Councillor locally for several years. I moved to Malvern Wells over twenty years ago and my children have gone to local schools. I am now a teacher but until the mid 1990's I was a farm manager, so feel able to understand many important local issues from several perspectives. I am interested in environmental issues, especially the preservation of the countryside, a viable agricultural economy and rural community. Member of the Parish hall Trust.

ANGUS GOLIGHTLY. Chairman. Moved to Castlemorton in 1999, on retirement from farm & estate management with international agricultural research company, Astrazenica. Continued with agricultural consultancy until 2006. Sheila, a retired district nurse, and I have always lived and worked in villages in Warwickshire,Wiltshire and Berkshire. Interest in Agriculture, the environment, the Commons and rural communities. Sit on MHC Grazing Monitoring Group. Parish Paths Warden.

JERRY FRYMAN. I have lived with my family at Hollybush for the last thirty one years. In 2004 I retired from the University of Gloucestershire where I ran the Ceramics Department at the Art School. I still retain an interest in the Arts with some sporadic creative output together with some educational consultancy. Co-ordinates responses to MHDC for all planning applications.

DON LUPTON. I am a chemical engineer by training and a furnace engineer bu occupation. My wife Sue and I settled in Castlemorton 12 years ago, having previously lived in Wolverhampton, London, Poole and Middlesbrough. We are both horse riders and you may have seen as hacking around the lanes and common. I an interested in nature with a particular interest in birds and this has lead to my involvement in environmental issues and a desire to promote actions to protect the environment.

MARY WATTS. I moved to Castlemorton in 1984, when my husband, John started a job in the area. Both my daughters attended Castlemorton Primary School. During 1995-2003 we moved with John's work to Florida and then Lincolnshire, but were very happy to return home to "Hunt sbridge" I am a housewife. Chairman of the Parish Hall Trust & Community Governor at Castlemorton school. Secretary of Castlemorton Gardening Club. I am also a member of the (unofficial) Common dog-walkers club. One daughter now works in Ledbury and the other is a student in London.

Contact details for Councillors on Parish Hall noticeboard. Clerk Sheila Normington 01531 650787